Game of Life First

Part of my pre course reading for the GIFT program contained two very golf specific books. Now I know nothing about golf, except for what a lot of you tell me, and have never played. I wasn’t expecting the books to have much of an impact on me but they did send them all the way over from America, so best to give them the once over!

These two books had a lot more to teach me than about Golf and I am so glad I sat down and read them cover to cover. The first book Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book tells you all about the triegolfd and tested techniques that give you the best golf swing and how to generally improve your golf game. The second book called ‘The Mulligan’, written by Ken Blanchard and Wally Armstrong put all the Harvey Penick words of wisdom into a fictional story between a high flying business man and an old golf professional. A Mulligan in golf is where you are allowed to replay a flubbed shot, especially when it’s the first shot of the game.
The main point of reading the books became clear that I was meant to pick up on the forwards written by members of the golfing world, how they accounted for the teaching style of Harvey Penick and how he allowed everyone to be an individual. But what I enjoyed most about the books were the many times the advice being given could also relate into everyday life. So I thought I would share these points with you so you can think about these things next time you go to play golf or any other sport or task you are taking part in.

The Mulligan talked about the “game of life first” (g.o.l.f). In life, as with golf, we all get good and bad breaks we deserve, some we don’t, sometimes we have to deal with our success and sometimes deal with our failure. Happening not just in the few hours your playing golf but also everyday throughout our lives. Its good to think of the reasons we go to play golf, or play football, or go for a run, because we enjoy the people we meet, seeing the scenery and feeling better about ourselves. The more you relax and enjoy those things, the better your performance will be. Sometimes allow yourself a Mulligan.

I’m not going to spoil the books for you but if you are into your golf and need to help your game I would recommend reading them. If you are after a good story and something that gives you a different perspective on life I would also recommend reading them!


Thanks for reading.



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