Mum and Baby and Pre Natal Yoga


Mum and Baby Yoga and Pre Natal yoga classes will be starting in the New Year.   Katie Whyte brings her experience of being a mother of two combined with her yoga practice.  


Omum and baby yogaur mum and baby yoga class has been designed specifically with a huge focus on knitting the body back together, strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles and bonding with baby.  Classes include a mixture of breathing exercises, songs (for baby), standing and seated exercises and a relaxation.
Friday mornings 10.45-12.00
pregnancy yoga
Our pre-natal sessions incorporate gentle asanas (postures), breathing techniques and deep relaxation.  The class is a good preparation for birth, helping to keep the body strong and the mind calm.
Saturday mornings 9.00-10.00
Please book through our ‘classes’ page. For more information feel free to call Katie on: 07793886315


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