The light, airy and mirrored studio is the ideal place to improve your physical fitness and wellbeing. Pilates is a mind and body conditioning programme that targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve your overall core stability and posture. Pilates, when performed regularly, positively changes the tone and shape of the body. Pilates combines suppleness, flexibility and postural correction with the awareness of deep postural and stability muscles, as well as breathing sequences.



Mat Pilates

During a one-hour session at Arch Health and Fitness you will reap the benefits of improving your flexibility and core musculature ultimately improving your posture and core strength. We use a variety of small equipment to keep you and your core challenged. If you have previously completed a beginner course in Pilates you may join one of our maintenance classes (please see the timetable for details). If you are a beginner, book in to have a one-to-one session to learn the basic principles that are tailored to your body.


Arch Health and Fitness all of our Pilates instructors have trained with the Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institute (APPI). This institute is a leading force in the delivery of safe and effective Pilates teacher training for physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists, and is recognized as a quality standard for Pilates in physiotherapy (for more information see www.ausphysio.com).


Equipment Pilates

Pilates, when performed on equipment adds diversity, progression, challenge and complements the mat based repertoire. Pilates equipment uses a spring system that is both assistive (aiding support whilst learning to perfect movement control) and resistive (challenging postures and improving strength). Control and balance are improved, strength and flexibility developed, achieving longer and leaner muscles.


For Equipment Pilates prices and an appointment please contact: Daniel Rollins 07906401702.




We offer mat-based classes that use the principles of Pilates combined with small equipment to target the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine. Our regular classes will keep you motivated and improve your body tone, core stability and posture. Performance Pilates is a class that encompasses the fundamentals of Pilates in a functional setting including strength, stability and flexibility to enhance performance.


To ¬†view the timetable and book your place in a class please visit the ‘classes’ page above.

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